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Recurring Annual Credit Card Payment

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  • WASH BINS aims to provide the best results with each cleaning, however, in some cases with bins, dumpsters or enclosures that are extremely soiled, they may require more than one cleaning to achieve optimal cleanliness. For the most effective results, we strongly recommend sanitizing your bins, dumpsters or enclosures on a regular basis, per scheduled recurrence.

    Rotating bins, dumpsters or enclosures is not permitted. The same bins, dumpsters or enclosures that you note in your initial sign up will be cleaned each month or quarter. If you would like to add a new bin, dumpster or enclosure to your account you may call, email or text us and your account will be updated accordingly.

    1-year minimum contract required for recurring services. After the one year, your account will be set to recurring payments basis per scheduled recurrence. It is the client’s responsibility to request cancellation. Early termination fee will apply if you cancel before the 1-year contract is up, in the amount of $50 per bin, $100 per dumpster and $100 per enclosure. No contract is required for a one-time cleaning service. All cancellations after the year requirement, are to be made prior to the 1st of the month before payment is processed.

    It is the client’s responsibility to contact WASH BINS within 24 hours of their scheduled cleaning to reschedule. If you do not notify us prior to your cleaning and would like to reschedule for us to come back, a rescheduling fee of $10 will apply.

    Bins or dumpsters are to be curbside, visibly accessible, or otherwise noted to WASH BINS to be cleaned on their scheduled cleaning date. If bins are not out, our technicians will not knock on your door, and we do not allow our technicians to go behind closed gates for their safety. If your dumpsters or enclosures are not accessible the office will try contacting the point of contact on the account and will wait for a response for 10 mins. If no response the technician will have to move on. As a courtesy we do send an email reminder the day before service and a text reminder the morning of service.

    Make sure bins, dumpsters or enclosures are completely empty with exception of small pieces of scraps of trash stuck to the bottom, otherwise we will not be able to clean them, and a rescheduling fee can apply. Bins, dumpsters or enclosures must be free of un-bagged human and animal waste, or they will not be cleaned due to contamination of the equipment and health hazards. Bins, dumpsters or enclosures must be free of cooking and motor oils, wet paint, chemicals, or hazardous waste.

    Initial payment is processed the day you sign up and then on the first day of the month your bins or dumpsters are to be cleaned. Should you cancel service, reduce or switch out bins before the third cleaning you will be charged the minimum service fee which is equivalent to the one time rate for the number of bins cleaned.

    In the event of a natural disaster or state of emergency your scheduled cleaning will be moved to the following week or next available date allowed. We will notify you via email and text to confirm the scheduled appointment.

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