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The Brady Chapel Centennial Campaign

The James H. Brady Memorial Chapel serves as a major historic landmark in the City of Pocatello. The Chapel was built to memorialize James H. Brady who played a significant role in both the private and public sector in Idaho’s history. The Chapel was dedicated on Memorial Day 1922, the same day the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. It serves as an excellent example of French Gothic Revival architecture and stands as a majestic centerpiece to the Mountain View Cemetery. Due to severe neglect and vandalism, the Chapel is in serious need of restoration and preservation. The Historic Preservation Commission has been charged to lead this task.

As we near the Chapel’s 100th Anniversary (Memorial Day 2022), we invite you to join our Centennial Campaign to save the Brady Chapel. It is the goal of the Historic Preservation Commission to raise all the funds, estimated at $200,000, by 2022. Your support in this important endeavor is crucial to preserve this historic landmark so that it may be used and enjoyed by the public for generations to come.


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