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Tire Disposal Credit Card Payment

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All requests for tire disposal removal are to be made through the PBPN Division of Planning & Environmental Protection and will only serve residents of the Potawatomi Reservation.

Please note: Quantity of tires is required at time of application submission.

Reduced Rate Requirements – Must meet all four requirements:

  1. Must reside on the Reservation
  2. Must be listed as head of household/owner of home
  3. Must be 62+ years of age
  4. Tribal member of PBPN

A one-time fee exemption will be allowed per application annually.

If you do not meet the above requirements, then the following policies apply:

  • $2.50 per tire

Payment is due at time of request.

  • No refund will be issued once items have been removed.
  • Only quantity stated will be removed for disposal.
  • Staff reserves the right to assess quantity and re-evaluate the cost of service.
  • Payment Details

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  • Reduced Rate Section (Reduced rate guidelines listed ABOVE)

  • Tire Disposal Information

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  • Price: $2.50
  • Billing Details

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