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Septic Service ACH Payment

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Wastewater Services Policy & Application

All wastewater service requests to empty residential septic tanks are to be made through the PBPN Division of Planning and Environmental Protection and will only serve residents of the Potawatomi Reservation.

Reduced Rate Requirements – Must meet all three requirements:

  1. Must reside on the Reservation
  2. Must be the listed head of household/owner of home
  3. Must be an enrolled PBPN member 62 + years of age

If you do not meet the above requirements, then a fee for the wastewater service request will be as follows:

  • $80.00 per load to empty residential septic tank – if drain opening is accessible
  • $40.00 per additional equipment needed to access drain (ex. Locate & uncover access service cover, with back hoe)
  • $40.00 Maintenance Fee (minimum charge)

Payment due at time of request.

Cancellation will be accepted before Wastewater operator has assessed the applicant’s residence.

A refund will be paid in full only if no work or on-site visit has been completed.

No refund will be issued, once Wastewater operator has completed an on-site visit of the applicant’s residence.

If you do not meet the above requirements or prefer not to use this service we can refer or call for you the local septic tank and drain service provider.

  • Payment Details

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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Reduced Rate Section (Reduced rate guidelines listed ABOVE)

  • Septic Tank Information

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  • Billing Details

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    By checking the "I accept the Terms and Conditions" checkbox below I authorize my bank to debit my specified account for the amount of my payment. This is a one-time payment which will occur on the next business day or as soon as practical thereafter. If my payment cannot be completed for any reason, including insufficient funds or error in the information which I submitted, I will retain the same liability, which is my sole responsibility, for payment as though I had not attempted to make the payment. I also understand that additional fees and penalties may be collected to the extent of applicable law.

    A receipt can be printed after payment is accepted which may serve as evidence of payment. If an email address is provided during the payment process, a receipt will be emailed to you after the payment is processed.

    If for any reason you wish to make a change to the payment after submission, please contact Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation for assistance at 877.715.6789

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