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Public Trailer Credit Card Payment

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Public Use Trailer Policy & Application

1. Trailer is for household waste only. Example –garbage, mattresses, furniture, and scrap metal. No hazardous waste or refrigerators/freezers will be accepted.

2. Trailer can only be kept for a maximum of one (1) week per residence. After one load has been taken to Rolling Meadows another request form and fee must be filed with the PBPN Division of Planning & Environmental Protection to be put back on the waiting list.

3. Regular Rate Customers – If you do not meet the above requirements, then a fee for public use trailer service requested will be as follows:

    • $140.00 fee to be paid for 1 load – Must be paid at time of request to be put on waiting list. The $140.00 fee will be applied towards the dump fee to empty trailer at Rolling Meadows. RDF – Waste Management 7351 NW Hwy 75, Topeka, KS 66618, and for transportation fee

4. Reduced Rate Customers – A reduced fee of $70 will be allowed per application annually for customers that meet all 4 of the following requirements:

    • Must reside on the Reservation
    • Must be listed head of household/owner of home
    • Must be 62 + years of age
    • Tribal member of PBPN

5. Cancelation- Cancelation requests will be honored, and fees refunded in full if applicant is still on the waiting list.

Statement of Responsibility

1. I understand that while the equipment is checked out to me it is my sole responsibility and I will take all reasonable precautions to protect it. I will not relocate it or allow others to use it and understand that if I do, I may be held liable for any loss, damage or criminal acts that may occur.

2. I agree that I will be responsible for repair or replacement of the equipment and its accessories due to any loss or damage while it is checked out to me. I understand that I will be liable for the full replacement cost of the equipment.

3. I understand that if the equipment is stolen or I suspect it is stolen, I must notify PBPN PEP and contact law enforcement immediately.

4. Non-compliance may result in loss of access to services and equipment with the PBPN Planning and Environmental Protection Department.

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