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Tiny Tots

Ages 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 (45min)

Physical education with fundamental gymnastics equipment will build confidence and provide positive reinforcement for all children. Bright colorful obstacle courses and movement exploration create a fun and healthy atmosphere.

This program focuses on development of gross motor skills, body awareness, and coordination.

  • Tiny Tots - Ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 (45min)

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    1. *ASSUMPTION OF RISK: *I understand that in every physical sport, there is an assumption of risk. I understand that if my child participates in gymnastics and trampoline, he or she will be involved with motion, rotation, and height. I understand unavoidable injury could occur from the activities my child will be involved in. (NOTE: injuries can be severe in nature, including but not limited to broken bones, torn ligaments, paralysis, and even death). I do not hold Go for the Gold Gymnastics and/or any staff, manager, officer, agent, servant or employee, or coach responsible for any injuries incurred, but specifically release them from any and all claims we may have as parents or guardians of the child, as well as releasing the claim for our child for any injuries that the child may sustain. We agree that no suit may be brought or claim made for injuries sustained by the child (and further agree to defend and hold harmless Gold for the Gold Gymnastics and any staff, manager, officer, agent, servant or employee, or coach of said organizations, for all claims, lawsuits and expenses made by or on behalf of our child, for any injury he or she may suffer, arising by virtue of such claims or lawsuits).

    2. *CONCUSSION FACT SHEET: *I have read Concussion Information Sheet and have discussed with my child what to do if he/she has a concussion or concussion symptoms

    3. **PAYMENTS: Payments in full are due on the first week of every session. Any collection fees for returned checks will be passed on to the parents*. *In addition, credit card information is required to be submitted to facilitate automatic renewal. NO REFUNDS will be given on tuition. We offer make-ups for any missed classes and credits for future classes. Credits cannot be transferred to another family.

    4. **WITHDRAWALS: *Programs run from September to June. Tuition is due a session basis. If your child plans not to continue for the next session, NOTIFICATION IN WRITING BY THE 9TH WEEK OF THAT SESSION IS REQUIRED, otherwise your credit card will be automatically charged for the next session. Credit card information will be kept private.*

    5. **MAKE UP CLASSES: We encourage your child to make up any missed classes. No credits or refunds will be given for un-attended classes. They may not be credited to another child or sibling attending. Students may make up 2 classes provided they are taken within that session. They may not carry over into another session. Call one week in advance to arrange for a make up class.

    6. **CLASSES: Classes will start on time. Please do not drop off students more than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of classes. Students MUST be picked up on time.

    7. **UNIFORMS: Girls must wear one-piece leotards. Boys must wear shorts and t-shirts. No jeans or pants with belts or buckles. No jewelry allowed. Leotards, T-shirts and shorts may be purchased in our retail store.

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