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Join The Prism Society

Why a prism? When a light is shown through a clear piece of glass, extraordinary things are formed. We believe when a child is shown how to explore new skills or discovers an internal passion, a positive transformation will follow. The Experiential Arts Center (EAC) is a small community center located in Pine Mountain, GA and provides “after-school” and summer camps in the arts such as dance, drama, music, arts and crafts and an internet-café for older youth. Students who participate in the program engage in faith, character and life building curriculum which is infused in each of the activities. Students of all ages and backgrounds are invited to enroll. Students and their parents commit to specific outcomes such as attendance, punctuality, as well as changing behavior and participation in servant leadership projects. Your donations will help provide reduced tuition, scholarships, and support of the center’s operations.

The PRISM Society is a group of individuals committed to the long-term success of the FOCUS – Experiential Arts Center (EAC). There are several support levels to choose from, and each level represents a pledge that can be a one-time payment or a recurring payment over a three-year period. Donors may choose to make recurring payments monthly or annually.

The four levels are:
● One time donation of any amount
Fusion Friends
● $1500
● $3000
Torch Masters
● $5000

PRISM Society members are recognized on the EAC Donor Board* and receive regular updates regarding the progress of the program.

Thanks so much for supporting this life-changing ministry.

*Members may elect to be an anonymous donor

EAC Special Projects:
Updated playground equipment
“Beach” volleyball court
Extended basketball court

We are always looking for “talent” to volunteer at the EAC. If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing program, please contact Karina Lambert or Kathy Carlisle at 706-628-9955.

Thanks so much for your kind consideration and support.